I've been fortunate to work with some truly amazing individuals over time, some of whom have expressed their thanks in words which I have put below.

It's important to understand that although these people are amazing and have achieved great results, they all started with the same sorts of issues that you have.

Angela helped me at a time when I needed it the most- as a new mum. She provided me with Mindfulness techniques that allowed me to overcome the challenges I was facing in motherhood. These techniques have helped me to be less stressed and anxious. I now find myself more confident and sure of the person and mother that I want to be. I am very grateful to Angela and would recommend her services to anyone seeking to overcome challenges and achieve a greater sense of calm and happiness in their life.
Rachel, Anxiety
I was very unsure about being hypnotised but Angela reassured me and made the whole experience fantastic. I looked forward to every session.. My fear of public speaking was at about 12/10 when I started , but now it sits at about 2, and it’s ok to feel nervous. Angela was so caring and she made me comfortable from the start. I could not have made the changes I have made without her guidance. We worked together beautifully. Thank you Angela.
Louise, Anxiety and fear of public speaking
I just want to thankyou Angela for the gentle and amazingly successful way you treated my problem of continuing panic attacks. Because of your use of hypnotherapy and mindfulness I am now free of panic attacks at the moment, and, should they ever occur again you have given me the insight, understanding and skills to be able to nip it in the bud. The process was very safe, comfortable and empowering. I am delighted with the quick result. Thanks again…
Elizabeth, Stress and Panic Attacks
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