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Feel Better and Change your Life

Hypnotherapy is safe, effective and helps to re-program subconscious beliefs and habits that get in the way of improving your health and wellbeing. Most issues can be treated with only a few sessions making hypnotherapy a cost effective option. Live the Life you’ve Imagined!

Weight Loss


Safe, healthy and sustained weight loss is achievable. With hypnotherapy and mindfulness, I can help you change unhelpful thinking patterns and emotional eating behavior so that you have the mindset you want to be slim and healthy. Lose weight effectively and keep the weight off without diets, deprivation or counting calories.

Virtual Gastric Band

I have been trained to provide the Virtual Gastric Band weight loss program pioneered by UK hypnotherapist, Sheila Granger. You can expect to be more satisfied with smaller amounts of food, motivated to eat healthy food and see exercise as a normal part of your day after completing the program. It is a remarkable program that gets results.


Just imagine living life as a non-smoker! With hypnotherapy, I can help you achieve the long term change that you want. Conquer the habit, feel really good about yourself and regain control. Become a non-smoker for good and enjoy the benefits this brings you and your life.


Let go of worry, fear and anxious thoughts. Reduce your anxiety, exam nerves, fear of public speaking and improve your self- confidence and self-esteem with hypnotherapy. Achieve the benefits of a calm relaxed mind and body. Feel at peace with yourself and others.


Mindfulness works harmoniously with hypnotherapy and is incorporated into the therapy programs. Focusing on the breath and body awareness during your therapy sessions can help anchor you in the present moment and calm your mind reducing stress and anxiety. Live the full and meaningful life you want to.


Reduce workplace stress, exam stress, insomnia and relationship stress. You can benefit, find relief and reduce the impact of stress on your life, health and wellbeing. Let me help you feel more confident to achieve your goals with peace of mind.