Manage Emotional Eating

Are you wanting to manage your weight, let go of emotional eating and live a healthier lifestyle?

Hypnotherapy can help you achieve your weight management goals without fad diets, gimmicks or deprivation.

To manage weight and keep the weight off, we need to change our mindset and ourrelationship with food. This is often not addressed in diets and the reason why they may not work in the long term.

A safe and sensible approach to sustained weight management involves three important things:

  • Moderating your food intake
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Drinking more water

It’s not always easy and simple to achieve this though!

For many people, a busy lifestyle, poor eating habits, unhelpful patterns of thinking and emotional eating can all contribute to weight gain.

Eating too much, eating in response to stress or upset, eating unhealthy foods and not exercising can become our default setting or automatic response.

Hypnotherapy can help you change your automatic response by reprogramming subconscious beliefs, habits and attitudes to more positive ones that assist you to achieve your weight management goals.

At Empowered Self Hypnotherapy,  two weight management programs are offered. The first uses both mindfulness and hypnotherapy to help you change your relationship with food. Eating mindfully helps you naturally reduce your food intake and manage the triggers for emotional eating!

The second, the Virtual Gastric Band weight loss program developed by Sheila Granger, a respected hypnotherapist in the United Kingdom, is offered over four sessions with support CD’s and workbook included.

Both programs are tailored to your specific needs and include resources to support healthy eating. Most people achieve change in 4-6 sessions, however a further 1-2 sessions may be required to address individual needs.

With hypnotherapy, feeling satisfied eating smaller amounts of food and being physically active become a normal part of your day to day life. You can still enjoy the foods you like.

Safe, healthy and sustained weight management is achievable.

No fad diets, deprivation or counting calories!

It’s time to look after you and your health!

Be the Slim and Healthier you that you want to be!

Look Wonderful and Feel better!

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